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Welcome to my daily blog filled with my thoughts and observations about what we all witness through our everyday life with my "take" on those experiences.

First of all, who am I and what are my qualifications to write and publish this blog. I have been writing both fiction and non-fiction since 1990, yep a long time. I now have 109 Kindle books, print books, audiobooks (also on audible.com,) and my "Visit the Zoo" DVD on Amazon.

I started my writing journey at the University of Kansas at the William Allen White School of Journalism with a B.S. in Journalism, major in Radio-TV-Film, minor in English.

Moving to Los Angeles, I started my 40+ year career in network television broadcasting and non-commercial public television and radio. Most of that career was spent in senior management at ABC-TV in Hollywood, CA.

I retired from that career to concentrate on my writing career which then spawned my podcast career. For the last 1 1/2 years I have produced and hosted my "Visit the Zoo" podcast which is based on my 12-book 120 animal book, audiobook, and DVD series, "Visit the Zoo," also on Amazon. You can find my "Visit the Zoo" podcast on iTunes, 13+ podcast directories, and podcast host website at https://www.zooanimals.info.

This blog has developed from my writing life and my life experience. I've considered starting this daily blog for quite some time. It has also surfaced because I love to consider and comment about what we all experience, share, and witness on this mortal coil we all live on. 

Above all , Daily Desert Doodle will not be a serious or heavy blog. My writing heroes include Will Rogers and George Carlin, yes the comedian George Carlin. Their special gifts included the ability to dissect correctly what drives the human creature. They both knew how hilarious and sometimes ridiculous we humans can be. So this blog will be light, entertaining, sometimes informative...but never heavy and never lecturing that only "I" have the "Truth." It will be fun to write and I hope it will be fun to read.

I want to see how this blog progresses and is accepted. If I see good and ever increasing response then I will turn this blog into a daily podcast as well so you can both read and hear what I have to say.

Are you interested? Are you intrigued? Then please join me everyday here on my Daily Desert Doodle blog, direct from Southern Arizona at the outskirts of the Saguaro National Park. Thanks

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Author Frederick Fichman. Fiction and Non-Fiction books, audiobooks, & DVD available on Amazon.com.

Author Frederick Fichman. Fiction and Non-Fiction books, audiobooks, & DVD available on Amazon.com.